Red wines

Enjoy the Taste of Spanish Red Wine

Within the intricate tapestry of wines, Spanish red wines stand as a testament to both tradition and innovation. But exploring the diverse range of grape varieties and classifications makes discovering the perfect bottle akin to solving a puzzle, requiring an understanding of the nuances within each wine type. But fear not! In this guide, we've assembled a roadmap to navigate the labyrinthine world of Spanish reds, and assist you in finding your ideal match amidst this rich oenological tapestry.


Here's what to look for:

Tempranillo: It’s Spain's signature grape, offering a mix of red fruit, vanilla hints, and a bit of leather. It's famous in places like Rioja and Ribera del Duero. For a moderately priced treat, look for a Crianza or Joven Tempranillo with their young and fresh taste.

Garnacha: Imagine a mix of juicy raspberries and sun-soaked strawberries—that's Garnacha. It brings bright vibrancy to Priorat and Aragón, and offers a touch of sweetness in Cariñena. For a good buy, check out a Garnacha Joven or Roble, perfect for a relaxed weekend.

Monastrell: This one's bold with dark plums, a touch of pepper, and a Mediterranean vibe. It shines in places like Jumilla and Alicante. For a top-brand experience, seek out a Reserva or Gran Reserva Monastrell – an investment in pure excellence.

Understanding Spanish Red Wine

Understanding red wine classifications in Spain demystifies their quality and style. These categories, based on aging requirements, offer a helpful guide:

Joven: Vibrant and fruity, these wines showcase the grapes' freshness, often bypassing oak entirely. Perfect for a budget-friendly delight.

Roble: Spending 3 months in oak and 6 months in bottle, Roble wines gain subtle oak influence, complementing the fruit. A sweet spot for value and complexity.

Crianza: With 6 months in oak and 18 months in bottle, Crianza wines offer balanced depth and structure, showcasing fruit, oak, and sometimes subtle spice. A best-seller for its versatility.

Reserva: These wines undergo longer aging – 12 months in oak and 36 months in bottle – resulting in greater complexity, integrated oak flavors, and refined tannins. A mid-priced luxury for special occasions.

Gran Reserva: The pinnacle of Spanish red wines, Gran Reserva wines age for 24 months in oak and 36 months in bottle. Expect exceptional depth, elegance, and nuanced flavors developed through extended aging. An investment piece for true connoisseurs.

Where to Find Your Perfect Bottle

No need to scour dusty shelves! The world of Spanish red wine is just a click away. Explore online retailers offering a vast selection at various price points. Many even offer red wine delivery, bringing the joy straight to your doorstep.

So, ditch the guesswork and buy red wine online with confidence. Look for detailed descriptions, user reviews, and brand comparisons to find your perfect match. Whether you're seeking a daily tipple or a celebratory splurge, there's a Spanish red waiting to send a bottle of red wine happiness your way. Uncork the joy, and discover the vibrant world of Spanish red!

Argentina (Mendoza)
15,90 €
Ribera del Duero
Abadia de San Quirce 6 meses
9,99 €
Plus Lavia Bullas
12,90 €
Ribera del Duero
Gaudeamus Tempranillo
7,90 €
Ribera del Duero
Abadia de San Quirce Crianza RdD
16,99 €
La Montesa Rioja
13,90 €
Cotes du Roussillon Villages
Clos des Fees vieilles vignes 2021
30,90 €
Ribera del Duero
Petricor 70cl Bodega Pinea
18,90 €
Honoro Vera Garnacha
6,20 €
Ribera del Duero
Figuero Viñas Viejas 2016 Tinto
37,90 €
Ribera del Duero
Balbas Barrica 5 M
9,80 €
Ribera del Duero
Lynus Infante 75cl
8,90 €
Ribera del Duero
Aster Crianza
18,90 €
Perpetual 2016 75cl
74,90 €
Ribera del Duero
Protos Roble
9,60 €
La coartada
26,60 €
Tierra de Cadíz
Nude Tintilla Cadiz
14,90 €
Ribera del Duero
Pendon de La Aguilera temp RdD
249,00 €
Ribera del Duero
Diaz Bayo 20 RdD
19,50 €
Ribera del Duero
Pinea 0.75
149,90 €