Nestled along the banks of the Duero River, Vega Sicilia stands as a testament to centuries of winemaking excellence. Founded in 1864, this renowned winery has earned global acclaim for its commitment to organic farming, meticulous production processes, and unwavering dedication to family tradition.

Tasting Notes

Each sip of Vega Sicilia unveils a symphony of flavors, starting with an enticing aroma of robust fruity notes harmonized with a touch of high-quality wood. As you savor the wine, you'll discover a bold and vibrant taste, characterized by smooth tannins and a lingering, fresh finish. A subtle hint of flowers in the aftertaste adds a touch of elegance to the overall experience.


Pintia, just like Valbuena and Alión, showcases the winery's dedication to capturing the unique character of their regions, from Ribera del Duero's intensity to Toro's boldness.

However, the crown jewel of Vega Sicilia's collection is Único, a complex blend transcending vintages. Each sip of this exceptional wine narrates a story of ripe grapes, meticulous craftsmanship, and patient aging in oak.

Today, Vega Sicilia's wines grace tables in over 80 countries, a testament to their global appeal. Yet, the winery remains firmly grounded in its Spanish roots. Family, tradition, and a relentless pursuit of quality continue to define every aspect of Vega Sicilia, ensuring that each bottle holds not just wine but a legacy waiting to be uncorked.

Production Process

The winery's meticulous production process begins with carefully hand-picked grapes, which undergo a 12-hour chilling period to preserve their vibrant fruity character. A meticulous double sorting process follows, ensuring that only the highest-quality grapes are used. Subsequently, cool maceration precedes fermentation in oak wood vats. Malolactic fermentation occurs in wooden containers, followed by a 12-month aging process in a blend of French and American oak.

Pairing Suggestions

Vega Sicilia's wines are well-suited to accompany a variety of dishes, from crispy duck and hearty game dishes to simple mushroom ragouts and flavorful beef stews or seasoned lamb legs.

Serving Temperature

For the most enjoyable experience, serve Vega Sicilia at a recommended temperature of 17 degrees Celsius.

Region Toro
Grape variety 100% Tinta de Toro
Year 2017
Winery Pintia
ABV, % 15
Volume, L 0.75