Tierras de la Reina 2019 Tempranillo

8,40 €


Tierras de la Reina is a full-bodied and elegant Tempranillo with rich notes of ripe red fruits, hints of raisins, and vanilla. Perfect both as a standalone drink and as an accompaniment to meat dishes. Serve chilled and enjoy the traditions of winemaking passed down through generations.

Tasting Notes

Tierras de la Reina wine from Bodegas Familia Chavarri has a deep ruby color with violet hues. The aroma delights with a bouquet of ripe red fruits like cherry and plum, with hints of raisins. As the wine opens up, subtle shades of licorice, tobacco, and vanilla may emerge. The taste is full-bodied, smooth, and delicate, with notes reflecting the aroma.


The family winery, Familia Chavarri, was founded in 1882 in Rioja Alavesa, the smallest of the three wine-producing subregions of Rioja. Their company carefully approaches the process of selecting vineyards, reflecting their dedication to traditions and ambition. For many years, they have believed that excellent wines start with well-cared-for vines.

Rooted in a love for the land and wine, the Chavarri heritage spans generations. Throughout the centuries, they have managed to preserve their legacy, caring for the vineyards handed down from their fathers, and earned recognition in the Rioja Alavesa region.

Their dedication to traditions is evident in every Chavarri wine. Even today, as the winemaking industry faces numerous challenges, the family maintains its heritage, combining traditions with innovations, and producing wines that embody their passion and craftsmanship. They strive to create not just a drink but unforgettable experiences. In the Chavarri family, they believe that each bottle can tell the story of their dedication, love, and respect for their heritage and land.

Pairing Suggestions

An enjoyable wine that pairs well with various dishes, but particularly successful with roasted or grilled pork, pâtés, duck, and goose.

Serving Temperature

Serve between 13°C and 16°C.

Region Ribera del Duero
Grape variety Tempranillo
Winery Familia Chavarri
ABV, % 14
Volume, L 0.75