Bassus Pinot Noir

27,90 €

Tasting Notes

The wine displays a vibrant cherry color with subtle violet tones. Its aroma is rich in ripe fruit notes complemented by hints of French oak. On the palate, it offers a velvety texture and a delightful interplay of ripe fruit flavors. The finish is long, graceful, and leaves a lasting impression.


Driven by their love for exceptional wine, three friends founded Bodegas Hispano+Suizas in 2006. Situated in Valencia's Requena-Utiel region, this innovative winery seamlessly combines traditional and modern methods across their 61 hectares of vineyards. Quality reigns supreme here, with a focus on limited grape harvests of just 2kg per vine, resulting in intensely flavorful grapes. Their meticulous three-month harvest ensures optimal ripeness for each grape, leading to the creation of delicious wines. Through creative blending, experimentation, and careful aging, they produce acclaimed wines like Impromptu and Tantum Ergo, offering a delightful journey through a symphony of aromas and flavors.

Production Process

The Bassus Pinot Noir focuses on meticulous winemaking. Hand-selected Pinot Noir grapes begin their journey with a cold soak for three days at -10ºC. This technique enhances flavor before fermentation in new American oak barrels. Following a 10-month aging period in French oak, the wine is lightly filtered and bottled, preserving its character.

Region Utiel-Requena
Grape variety Pinot Noir
Winery Hispano-Suizas
ABV, % 13.5
Volume, L 0.75