El Seque Monastrell 2021

25,80 €

Tasting Notes

El Sequé's Monastrell is a powerful red wine. Hints of balsamic vinegar mingle with ripe fruit, while its texture offers a luxurious, meaty depth. Every sip reflects the essence of El Sequé's esteemed, old vineyards.


Alicante's wine story stretches back centuries, with whispers of Phoenician and Roman footsteps in Spain's eastern vineyards. Since 1999, El Seque's passion has been crafting authentic wines true to their heritage. Nestled among nearly 40 hectares of sandy, brown-limestone vineyards — the perfect canvas for quality wines — they focus on the Monastrell grape. This unique grape, thriving under the warm Mediterranean sun, delivers a symphony of aromas and flavors, resulting in full-bodied, captivating wines.

Production Process

El Sequé is a red wine from D.O. Alicante produced by Bodegas y Viñedos El Sequé, part of the Artadi group. Crafted from ancient Monastrell grapes grown at high elevation, it unfolds its character thanks to a meticulous process. Stainless steel tanks usher in fermentation, followed by a traditional touch – daily treading during this stage. After malolactic fermentation, El Sequé spends a year in French oak barrels, where the unique sandy soils of the region deliver their influence into the final product.

Region Alicante
Grape variety Monastrell
Year 2021
Winery El Seque
ABV, % 14.5
Volume, L 0.75