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Hop Hop Syrah Garn 2014 Grillo Somontano

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Tasting Notes

This wine features an appealing appearance with its deep, intense cherry red color. The high layer hints at a full-bodied experience. On the nose, it explodes with aromas of ripe red fruits, bursting with expressiveness. Hints of balsamic notes add complexity, while a subtle undercurrent of well-integrated French oak ties everything together for a truly well-rounded aromatic experience.


Nestled in Somontano, Aragón, Spain, El Grillo y La Luna is a family-run winery achieving big things with small batches. Here, patience reigns supreme. They hand-pick grapes, letting each variety ripen to perfection for wines bursting with individuality. Their vineyards, spanning over 120 acres, consider every detail – from soil type to microclimate – to perfectly match the grape varietal. Partnering with the acclaimed winemaker Michel Rolland, they craft well-structured wines brimming with freshness and balance. El Grillo y La Luna isn't about shortcuts; it's about capturing the soul of their land, one thoughtful sip at a time.

Production Process

Crafted with precision, Hop Hop starts with hand-picked grapes, rigorously sorted for only the best. A five-day chill in French oak coaxes out flavor, followed by fermentation with regular mixing for maximum extraction. The wine then slumbers on its lees for a month before spending 13 months in new oak barrels, with occasional stirring to develop a rich, complex character.

Region Somontano
Grape variety Garnacha, Syrah
Year 2014
Winery El Grillo y la Luna
ABV, % 14
Volume, L 0.75