Vivanco 2014 Rioja

37,90 €

Tasting Notes

This Rioja boasts a deep purple center darkening to a brick-red rim, whispering of its time cradled in oak. On the nose, a warm spice cabinet unfolds, revealing hints of cinnamon and earthy sage alongside ripe black cherry and plump blackberry. A whisper of minerality adds intrigue, like a fleeting glimpse of the vineyard's rocky soul. The first sip is a revelation – rich and full-bodied, it glides across the palate with a velvety texture that lingers long after the last drop.


The Vivanco name is etched into the very fabric of Rioja's history. It all began in a humble Alberite shop back in 1915, where Pedro Vivanco's entrepreneurial spirit ignited a family passion for wine that's burned brightly for generations. What began as a local business blossomed into a world-renowned winery, its heart beating now in the picturesque town of Briones. Today, their 300 hectares of meticulously tended vineyards yield award-winning wines enjoyed across the globe.  But the story goes beyond the delicious – their dedication extends to a UNESCO-recognized museum, a testament to their cultural commitment. Every bottle of Vivanco wine is a story waiting to be uncorked, a sip of history as captivating as the wine itself.

Production Process

Maturana Tinta, a rare Rioja grape resurrected through tireless research, takes center stage. These grapes, known for their tight clusters and thick skins, demand meticulous hand-picking and gentle handling throughout the process. Once harvested, they ferment with native yeasts in French oak vats, before embarking on a 14-month odyssey of aging in various oak barrels. Unfiltered, the wine retains its natural character, a true expression of the land. Even the bottle itself is a nod to the past, inspired by a 19th-century treasure from the Vivanco Wine Culture Museum.

Region Rioja
Grape variety Maturana tinta
Year 2014
Winery Vivanco
ABV, % 15
Volume, L 0.75