Trotamundos Pie Franco

36,90 €

Tasting Notes

Imagine a deep cherry color at its heart, with a garnet glow at the edge. The aroma unveils a symphony of red fruits, accentuated by balsamic notes and hints of spices and herbs. Take a sip and feel the power of the wine resonate on your palate. Medium-bodied with firm tannins, this is a captivating glimpse into the heart of untamed Toro.


Olivier Rivière, a French winemaker hailing from Cognac, honed his craft in Bordeaux and Burgundy before embarking on his own winemaking journey in Rioja in 2006. Unlike traditional Rioja, Olivier emphasizes biodynamic viticulture and minimal intervention in production, resulting in expressive wines that highlight fresh fruits and terroir. This approach has garnered recognition, with many of his wines earning top ratings from recognized global experts. Olivier's perfectionist approach defines his work, ensuring that each wine reflects its terroir.

Production Process

Trotamundos Pie Franco is an expressive red wine, powerful and mature, originating from Toro. Although it lacks the official stamp of the region, its soul whispers of ancient vines of the Tinta de Toro variety. Planted at the end of the 19th century, these phylloxera-resistant vines produce wine full of character.

Region Toro
Grape variety Tempranillo
Winery Olivier Riviere
ABV, % 15.5
Volume, L 0.75