MÓN Bobal 2016 Montesanco

28,90 €

Tasting Notes

This deep ruby red presents a captivating nose. Ripe fig takes center stage, interwoven with balsamic notes and whispers of lavender, redolent of the Mediterranean. The first sip reveals surprisingly smooth, velvety tannins. Lush flavors of red and black fruits mingle with subtle hints of oak, all balanced by a vibrant streak of minerality. Despite its potency, the alcohol feels lively, leaving a clean, inviting finish that begs for another sip.


Nestled on the historic Abiar Alta farm, Montesanco Teulada tells a story of raisin riches to modern wines. Once a raisin powerhouse, the estate has restored its heritage by breathing new life into ancient drying rooms and Riurau structures. Though a 19th-century raisin boom faltered due to disease and competition, Montesanco Teulada has risen again.  Today, it seamlessly blends history with modern wine tourism, all set against a stunning Mediterranean backdrop.  Spread across 19 hectares of marl soil, the estate cultivates native grape varietals like Moscatel, Garnacha Blanca, and Giró, reflecting a deep commitment to ecological and biodynamic practices. Influenced by the nearby sea and the warm Mediterranean climate, these vineyards yield wines brimming with minerality and freshness.

Production Process

This Utiel-Requena winery crafts a limited-edition organic red using only the bold Bobal grape. They hand-pick the grapes in small boxes, meticulously selecting the best bunches. To capture the essence of the fruit, fermentation starts in French oak barrels before moving to new ones for aging. Here, a special technique called "bâtonnage" stirs the wine for 12 months, adding complexity and texture. With only a limited amount of bottles produced, this organic red promises a unique and characterful taste.

Region Utiel-Requena
Grape variety Bobal
Year 2016
Winery Sat Montesanco
ABV, % 15.5
Volume, L 0.75