La Fou de Batea

38,90 €

Tasting Notes

Wine of deep cherry color, rich with extraordinary aromas. Imagine hints of raw hazelnut blending with juicy red fruits, then the scent of the forest after the rain. The taste is fresh and lively, with plums and black olives playing supporting roles. The natural sweetness of the grape is perfectly balanced with bright acidity, making you crave another sip long after the last drop.


Founded in 2007 by Ramon Roqueta Segalés, LAFOU Celler aims to create wines that showcase the exceptional qualities of Garnacha grapes in Spain's Terra Alta region. Ramon, fascinated by the grace of this grape variety, searched for the ideal location where Garnacha could thrive, ultimately discovering it amidst the distinctive terrain of Terra Alta. LAFOU Celler not only respects tradition but also embraces innovation, aiming to preserve at-risk grapes like Morenillo. Their vineyards cultivate Garnacha, Peluda, Syrah, and even lesser-known local grapes.

Production Process

This is perhaps the most personal wine from LaFou, crafted in small batches from a blend of carefully hand-selected Red Garnacha and Garnacha Peluda grapes, cultivated on 50-70-year-old vines. These grapes are fermented in open stainless steel tanks and aged in oak barrels and concrete eggs for 12 months, giving the wine a unique character.

Region Terra Alta
Grape variety 85% Garnacha tinta y peluda, 15% samsó
Year 2016
Winery LaFou Celler
ABV, % 14.5
Volume, L 0.75