Gramona Imperial brut 2018

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Gramona Imperial Brut is a sparkling wine originating in the 1850s, perfected through generations. From the phylloxera crisis to embracing organic practices, its history is deeply rooted in tradition and innovation. With its harmonious blend featuring ripe fruits, creamy textures, and floral undertones, it embodies the pure essence of Penedès biodynamic vineyards, offering a toast to history and taste.

Tasting Notes

The Gramona Brut has a light amber color with golden hints, showing it is full of flavors. The aroma features notes of flowers and ripe white fruits, citrus, accented by aromatic herbs. With aeration, hints of nuts and anise can also be detected, all blending with a delicate impression of minerality. The palate is fresh and velvety, with lively acidity leading to a lingering finish.


Gramona's story stretches back to the 1850s, rooted in the Batlle family's passion and dedication for the land. Josep Batlle, their great-great-grandfather, nurtured vines for another family, laying the foundation for future generations. His son, Pau, witnessed the devastating effects of the phylloxera crisis that ravaged Europe's vineyards. Resourceful and enterprising, he turned misery into opportunity by starting to supply French sparkling wine makers and honing his skills. Thus, the Celler Batlle winery was founded.

The early twentieth century saw the marriage of Pilar Batlle, daughter of Pau, and Bartolomé Gramona. Under their control, the "Gramona Cava Champagne" was born, marking their commitment to producing sparkling wines. However, it was brothers Bartomeu and Josep Lluis, the next generation of their family, who truly revolutionized their path. Far-sighted and dedicated, they championed long-aged sparklers, and their 1951 III Lustros became a masterpiece.

During the end of the 20th century, Gramona remained a small yet very respected winery with a special dedication to quality. Josep Lluís, the "life" of his generation, continuously shared his wisdom and passion for winemaking with his descendants, ensuring the torch remained lit.

2021 was a significant landmark - the 100th anniversary of Gramona's sparkling wine production and 140 years as vintners. Nowadays, the company is run by the 5th and 6th generations. Fueled by their shared passion for wine, they implement biodynamic practices, ensuring respect for the terroir and environment. While they acknowledge the importance of accessibility, Gramona's true essence lies in their dedicated production of long-aged sparkling wines. These creations showcase a unique richness born from the Mediterranean climate, the freshness of the varietals, and the distinctive notes developed by prolonged aging. Their Imperial, finished with a meticulously crafted injection of a 100-year-old solera, embodies this philosophy perfectly.

Production process

Made in the biodynamic vineyards of Penedès, Gramona Imperial mixes Macabeu, Chardonnay, Parellada, and Xarel·lo grapes. It takes over 4 years for this sparkling wine to mature peacefully, giving it a graceful touch. After that, Gramona's artisans disgorge and label each bottle before sending it to be enjoyed on tables around the world.

Pairing Suggestions

Pairs perfectly with baked and grilled white fish, poultry, pasta, and dishes with red meat and sauces.

Serving Temperature

For the best experience, it is recommended to serve chilled between 6-8ºC.

Region Corpinnat
Grape variety 50% Xarel.lo, 30% Macabeo, 15% Chardonnay, 5% Parellada. 
Year 2018
Winery Gramona
ABV, % 11.5
Volume, L 0.75