Flor de Pingus 2020 RdD

155,00 €

Flor de Pingus 2020 RdD, Tempranillo (Tinto fino), Spain.


Displaying a pure, radiant ruby color, this wine offers an expressive and evolving bouquet with moderate notes of cedar, vanilla, chocolate, dark plum, cherry, licorice, and anise. Its dry, medium acidity in the mouth, complemented by soft tannins and increased alcohol content, pairs excellently with its medium body and aromas of cedar, vanilla, dark plum, cherry, and licorice, leaving a lasting impression on the palate.

Tasting Notes

This wine presents itself with a pure and bright ruby hue and presence of legs. The aroma is clear and evolving, showcasing moderate notes of cedar, vanilla, chocolate, dark plums, cherries, licorice, and anise. It is dry on the palate with moderate acidity, possessing a medium body and soft tannins that stretch throughout the length of the wine, exhibiting strength and duration. The finish is long-lasting, carrying a linear and expressive character.

Flor de Pingus is often mistaken as the 'second' wine of Peter Sisseck, yet it holds its unique individuality, making it one of the most sought-after wines in Spain. Crafted by the Dominio de Pingus winery in the province of Valladolid, this wine exclusively uses grapes from old vines in the La Horra region, accurately reflecting the character of each harvest.







The story of Dominio de Pingus rightfully begins with its creator, Peter Sisseck. What made this Danish agronomist and oenologist legendary, revolutionizing the traditional landscape of Spanish winemaking and making his wine the most desired and sought after in all of Spain?

Peter, born in Copenhagen in 1962, naturally developed an interest in winemaking. His first lessons in this art were taught by his uncle, Peter Vinding-Diers, a revolutionary creator of wines who, in the 1980s, managed Chateau Rahoul in the winemaking region of Graves (Bordeaux).

Peter's interest in winemaking evolved as he studied agricultural engineering in Denmark and subsequently worked at Simi Winery in Sonoma, California, familiarizing himself with American wine production techniques, contrasting with the French methods he was already acquainted with.

In 1990, Peter became the technical director of Hacienda Monasterio in the Ribera del Duero region. Intrigued by the garage wine movement of Bordeaux, he embarked on his own project. Thus, Pingus was born, one of the most prestigious Spanish wines globally. In 1995, Peter acquired 4 hectares of vineyards from 1929, and the initial release of Pingus became a legend and rarity even before hitting the market. Some bottles from 1995 sank during transportation to the USA, leading to a huge price increase. From a small vineyard, only 6000-8000 bottles could be produced, explaining the rarity of this wine. In 1996, he acquired another 32 hectares and created Flor de Pingus, produced in volumes of 100,000-120,000 bottles. In creating this wine, Peter drew inspiration from the majestic luxury of Pomerol.

Born out of exceptional love and dedication to winemaking, under conditions of incredibly meticulous and uncompromising development, wines from Dominio de Pingus are exclusive, rare, highly rated, benchmark wines that have maintained their impeccable reputation for a quarter of a century, remaining the main Spanish player in the market of collectible wines.

Production Process

Peter uses grapevines over 80 years old to enhance the royal Tempranillo. The vines have never been fertilized or treated with pesticides, maintaining their purity. The yield is minimal, and the berries are carefully handpicked, sorted, and stems completely removed. The grapes macerate and ferment for 20-30 days, undergoing malolactic fermentation in oak barrels. No filtration is applied.

Food Pairing

Flor de Pingus, with its rich, dry taste, pairs ideally with various types of sausages and red meat dishes, including beef, lamb, venison, and game.

Serving Temperature

Minimum: 14.00°C

Maximum: 18.00°C

Region Ribera del Duero
Grape variety 100% Tinto fino
Year 2020
Winery Dominio de Pingus
ABV, % 14.5
Volume, L 0.75