El Cadastro 2015 Arlanza

32,90 €

Tasting Notes

Intense bright red color with a violet rim. On the nose, it's a symphony of red fruits – cherry and blueberry take center stage – with intriguing herbal and balsamic hints, all grounded by a touch of minerality. The palate is bold and expansive, balanced by lively acidity and firm tannins, lingering with an impressively long finish.


A Cognac native, Olivier Rivière honed his craft across France before landing in Rioja. Inspired by biodynamics and Burgundy's focus on terroir, he launched his winery in 2006. Unlike Rioja's traditional style, Olivier's biodynamic and organic wines burst with fresh fruit, a testament to minimal intervention in the cellar. His expressive approach is a breath of fresh air in Rioja, with his Pozo Alto 2016 receiving critical acclaim.

Production Process

Hailing from Covarrubias in Spain's renowned La Rioja region, Cadastro is a red wine featuring a blend of Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes. Crafted using a time-tested French technique, this wine matures beautifully over 24 months in oak barrels, developing a complexity of flavor that will surely impress.

Region Arlanza
Grape variety Tempranillo, Garnacha
Year 2015
Winery Olivier Riviere
ABV, % 14.5
Volume, L 0.75