Campillo Raro reserva 2016 Rioja

45,90 €

Tasting Notes

The wine possesses a crimson color with orange highlights. The aromatic profile includes black grapes and spices, notes of blackberry and plum, complemented by shades of cedar and smoky oak with vanilla. The taste is powerful and rounded, with dominant notes of ripe black fruits and spices, with a dense tannic structure, culminating in an expressive and long-lasting aftertaste. Over the years, it will continue to develop its unique flavor.


Raro Finca Cuesta Clara emerged from the dream of the founder, Julio Faustino Martínez, who introduced the concept of Chateau to La Rioja. Since 1978, on the 120-acres plot that he acquired around Laguardia, a winery was built according to the project by Aurelio Ibarrondo Fraguela. This winery in Rioja was the first to be created with a unique architectural style, paying tribute to the land and craftsmanship. The wine produced here became a symbol of passion for winemaking, family, and continuity.

Production Process

Raro Finca Cuesta Clara wine is made exclusively from 100% Tempranillo vines grown in the famous eponymous vineyard. It is located at an altitude and has well-drained soils. Due to its distinctive production process, the wine reflects the soul of the terroir and the passion for winemaking.

Region Rioja
Grape variety Tempranillo
Year 2016
Winery Campillo
ABV, % 14.5
Volume, L 0.75