Bobos Finca Casa La Borracha Bobal

26,90 €

Tasting Notes

"Bobos" stuns with a deep red color tinged with violet. The aroma is complex, with notes of oak intertwining with ripe fruit and whispers of the forest floor, all enveloped in a touch of balsamic intrigue. On the palate, it's full-bodied and rich, with well-integrated tannins that balance the bold fruit flavors. The finish is smooth, lingering with hints of toasty oak and refreshing acidity, offering a satisfying conclusion.


Three brothers with a passion for quality founded Bodegas Hispano+Suizas in Utiel Requena, a region where winemaking traditions are deeply ingrained in the soil. Blessed by the ideal climate between central Spain and the Mediterranean, they blend tradition with cutting-edge techniques. The result? Award-winning wines that capture the essence of Valencia's unique terroir.

Production Process

Steeped in history, Bodegas Hispano+Suizas on Finca Casa la Borracha cultivates magic. Their exclusive Bobal wine comes from octogenarian vines, meticulously hand-picked at dawn. The grapes are then plunged into a freezing -10ºC slumber before a slow, cold maceration in new American oak. After meticulous fermentation and gentle pressing, the wine rests in pristine French Allier oak for at least 10 months, culminating in their prized "Bobos."

Region Utiel-Requena
Grape variety Bobal
Year 2021
Winery Hispano-Suizas
ABV, % 13.5
Volume, L 0.75