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Mirando al Sur 2016 Rioja

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Mirando al Sur is a full-bodied Viura wine with hints of pear, orange zest, and toasted nuts. Crafted by French winemaker Olivier Rivière in Rioja and aged in oak and sherry vats, it is made to perfection.

Tasting Notes

The Mirando al Sur has a beautiful golden wheat color. On the nose, it unfolds with aromas of pear skin, orange zest, and a touch of fennel. Hints of toasted nuts add complexity, all balanced by light, herbaceous undertones. On the palate, it is a full-bodied and complex wine with rich flavors of fruit and citrus, complemented by notes of juicy herbs and a touch of buttered bread. The finish is long with a smoky mineral character, leaving a lasting impression.


Olivier Rivière is a French winemaker who originally planned to pursue a career in winemaking in France. He studied oenology, biodynamic, and organic winemaking methods professionally and developed his expertise by applying his skills at wineries in regions such as Burgundy and Bordeaux. But in 2004, Telmo Rodríguez, a producer from Ribera del Duero, invited him to help with the conversion of his vineyards to biodynamic methodology. Since then, Olivier has fallen in love with the Rioja region and has never left it. A short time later, he began to acquire vineyards in different parts of the region and apply the Burgundian production model to them. For Olivier, the grapes are the most important thing; he focuses on acquiring the highest quality berries, and all his vineyards are harvested by hand. Small fermentation tanks, including oak, are used in production, and grape stems are often added for fermentation; then, the wine is aged in large barrels. There is no single recipe for his wines, only the principles of minimal intervention and the selection of methods to reveal the unique characteristics of each grape variety. Perfectionism and perseverance are the hallmarks of this producer.

Production Process

Mirando al Sur is produced organically from Viura grapes from the oldest vines, more than 50 years old. The vineyards grow on gravelly and pebble soils near the village of Labastida at an altitude of over 500 meters above sea level. As described above, Olivier adheres to the principles of minimal intervention, so the vineyards are treated only when absolutely necessary and with bio-preparations. The wine then is aged in oak barrels for six months, followed by a year in sherry barrels.

Pairing Suggestions

Excellent as an aperitif and as an accompaniment to white and oily fish dishes, seafood, and meat delicacies.

Serving Temperature

Recommended to be served at a temperature of 11°C.

Region Rioja
Grape variety Viura
Year 2016
Winery Olivier Riviere
ABV, % 14.0
Volume, L 0.75