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La Rioja Alta GR 904 Cosecha 2011

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Classic and elegant wine with good aging potential from La Rioja Alta, a winery with a history of over 130 years. This blend of Tempranillo and Graciano offers a blend of flavors, from wild berries to toasted bread, with a smooth texture and a refined, prolonged finish.

Tasting Notes

This wine has a deep color with hints of garnet. Its aroma is complex, with notes of wild berries, cherries, plums, and cranberries, alongside nuances of tobacco, toasted bread, coffee, caramel, wood, and spices. When you taste it, you'll find a well-balanced harmony of alcohol and acidity, with soft tannins giving it a smooth texture. The finish is long and elegant, and it promises to improve with time in the bottle. This Gran Reserva 904 is ideal for aging.


In the late 1800s, French winemakers came to La Rioja after a phylloxera plague devastated Bordeaux wineries. They wanted to help local growers improve their wines. Inspired by this, a few families in Rioja formed the "Sociedad Vinícola de La Rioja Alta" in 1890 in Haro town, which later became Rioja Alta. Led by Saturnina García Cid, the society aimed to make top-quality wines, a goal they still pursue today. In 1904, one of the founders proposed merging companies with his Ardanza winery, which gave birth to Gran Reserva 1904, the forerunner of the now-renowned Gran Reserva 904.

Despite setbacks such as the phylloxera outbreak in 1893, La Rioja Alta endured, importing disease-resistant American rootstock to revitalize vineyards.

By 1941, the company had established its name as La Rioja Alta, S.A., earning prestige across Europe and Latin America. Modernization efforts included acquiring bottling machinery in 1952 and expanding into new regions like Rías Baixas in 1988.

In the 21st century, La Rioja Alta remains dedicated to tradition while embracing sustainability initiatives, investing in clean energy and supporting agricultural projects in developing countries. Its wines enjoy international acclaim and are served in top restaurants worldwide.

Production process

This wine is made mostly from Tempranillo grapes (90%) with a touch of Graciano (10%). First, they picked the Tempranillo grapes, then the Graciano from Montecillo. They took great care in transporting the grapes in refrigerated vehicles to keep them fresh. What makes this wine special is they used a method called optical selection to pick only the best berries. The fermentation process took 21 days, followed by another process called malolactic fermentation. After that, they chose the best wines to age in oak barrels made by their own coopers. The aging process lasted four years, with the barrels being rotated every six months in the traditional way. Finally, they blended the wines and bottled them.

Pairing Suggestions

Rioja's ripe fruit flavors and hints of spice make it an excellent match for grilled lamb chops, Manchego cheese, roast chicken, mushroom risotto, chorizo stew, and dark chocolate desserts.

Serving Temperature

Serve Rioja wine chilled between 14°C and 18°C for optimal taste.

Region Rioja
Grape variety 89% Tempranillo, 11% Graciano
Year 2011
Winery La Rioja Alta
ABV, % 13.5
Volume, L 0.75