A pure Tempranillo masterpiece from the wine region Ribera del Duero. Meticulously crafted by PINEA winery, this wine embodies the Spanish essence and artisanal dedication. With a vibrant purple hue, fresh berry aroma, and velvety texture, it's a testament to meticulous winemaking.

Tasting Notes

17 by PINEA is a Tempranillo wine of bright purple color, lively and energetic. Its scent is vivid with hints of forest berries and red ripe fruits, complemented by subtle woody notes. In the mouth it’s velvety, rich, and smooth, with smooth tannins and a refreshing acidity, creating a well-balanced wine. Polished and powerful, it finishes with depth and richness.


Pinea winery, founded in 2017 by Vicente Pliego and Hugo Del Pozzo, embodies their dream of producing top-tier wines while embracing their passion for Ribera del Duero. The success of their wines in international competitions speaks to their achievement. The winery's name and flagship wine are inspired by a magnificent Pinus Pinea tree, symbolizing endurance and witness to history. Their wine, crafted from Tempranillo grapes, reflects Spanish essence and artisanal dedication. Situated on 35 hectares of old vineyards in the Burgos province, the winery benefits from high altitude, varied slopes, and a challenging climate, resulting in grapes that embody exceptional character. Winemaker Isaac Fernandez's meticulous approach includes natural selection and non-interventionist viticulture, valuing nature's wisdom and traditions. The wines of Pinea aim to create lasting moments of pleasure, rooted in a passion for the land and a deep connection to nature.

Production process

17 is created from the meticulously picked grapes harvested from a 35-hectare domain nestled in Ribera del Duero. Their estate showcases a diverse mosaic of nine patches, each characterized by unique soil compositions, hillside, sun path orientation, and vine ages.

The winemaking process begins with fermentation in spacious stainless steel containers and a gentle cold maceration process. Following this pre-fermentation phase, they meticulously control the fermentation temperature, coaxing out the wine's vibrant color and rich polyphenols, which contribute to its body and complexity.

Subsequently, each vintage of 17 embarks on a transformative aging process, spending a minimum of two winters within the confines of both new and seasoned French oak barrels. In addition to this traditional method, they also employ alternative aging techniques, such as the use of concrete eggs.

While 17 is undoubtedly delightful from the moment it graces your glass, its true character unfurls over time. We recommend allowing the wine to mature for approximately two years after bottling to fully appreciate its nuanced flavors and exquisite balance.

Pairing Suggestions

Ribera del Duero wines go well with any food, but Pinea suggests pairing theirs with Mexican cuisine. The complex Tempranillo softens spicy flavors, enhancing dishes like tacos, enchiladas, and quesadillas.

Serving Temperature

For the best experience, it is recommended to serve at 16ºC.

Region Ribera del Duero
Grape variety Tempranillo
Year 2017
Winery Pinea
ABV, % 14.8
Volume, L 0.75