Cuentaviñas Los Yelsones

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This expressive wine boasts a saturated red color with a complex floral-fruity character, freshness, mineral notes, and balance. It leaves the palate refreshed and smooth, boasting a long, lingering finish.




Tasting Notes

The red Rioja Los Yelsones, crafted by the winery Cuentaviñas, holds the designation of D.O.Ca. This rich red wine showcases a garnet hue, opening up with a bouquet of ripe red fruits, vanilla, and licorice. The taste is soft, offering fruity nuances, perfect balance, and culminating in a persistent aftertaste. The Wine Advocate (Robert Parker) described this wine as truly outstanding, aromatic, powerful, accentuated, and elegant, with strength and grace, alongside subtle oak notes. A showy and impressive wine.


This wine, a pure Tempranillo, was created in San Vicente de la Sonsierra (a town in La Rioja Alta) by the winemaker Eduardo Eguren. In the Eguren family, a renowned name in the upper echelons of oenology, five generations have dedicated themselves to crafting wines. In Eduardo's quest, he didn't forget his roots. When he and his partner, Carlota Gonzales, searched for vineyards for future production, they deliberately chose a place near San Vicente de la Sonsierra—Eduardo's father lived in this town. Thus, in the tiny, fairytale-like village of Pesiña, where time seems to stand still, Cuentaviñas winery was born under patient and slow conditions. Pesiña lies at the foot of the Cantabrian Mountains and is home to merely 30 villagers in summer. Due to the small size of his winery, Eduardo personally manages all stages of grape growing and winemaking.

La Rad is a vineyard planted in 1970. It's located in the northern part of San Vicente de la Sonsierra, nestled in the lower slopes of the Sierra Cantabria mountain range. Its name, Los Yelsones, comes from the so-called "yelsones," the limestone formations permeating the local soil. According to Eduardo, these formations, along with the glacial moraine present in the soil, impart marked freshness to the wine, coupled with a subtle chalky taste. Simultaneously, the cool Atlantic climate adds a floral aroma to the wine.

Production Process

The grapes undergo handpicking and two rounds of sorting prior to being fermented within French oak vats. The maceration process lasts from 20 to 28 days. Then, the wine is poured into new 500-liter vessels for secondary fermentation. It matures in this environment for approximately 18 months, after which it undergoes an extra 3 months of bottle ageing.

Food Pairing

This wine goes well with aged cheeses, red meat dishes, and various sauces.

Storage Temperature

Min Temp.: 16.00°C

Max Temp.: 18.00°C

Region Rioja
Grape variety Tempranillo
Year 2020
Winery Cuentaviñas
ABV, % 14
Volume, L 0.75